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How do I access the podcasts?

You can only access our private podcasts if you are registered with us directly, then you can login and go to the Access Private Podcast page from any of the program pages.

I previously received the audio CDs but they have stopped

Register with us directly via this website and ensure your mailing address is up-to-date and that you have opted to receive our audio CDs in your profile. Once these details are up-to-date the next edition will be mailed to you.

Can I order back editions

We do not stock previous editions on CD, however all back editions can be accessed via the website and a podcast. If you opt to receive audio CDs in your preferences, all future editions will be mailed to you.

Are the programs completely free

Yes! Our programs are completely free.

I didn't receive an activation email

Make sure you have checked your junk mail folders. If you cannot find the activation email, please give us a call and we will set everything up for you.

I've forgotten my login details

Click on the login button and click ‘Forgot your password', you will be guided through how to reset your password and access the website.

I haven't previously registered but would like to update my mailing address

Some programs are sent to a practice address and so you may have never opted to receive the programs, but have them passed on to you.

Make sure you register with us directly, then you can maintain your own mailing address and access all online resources. It's free to register, so fill in the subscribe form and manage your own preferences and profile.

I no longer wish to receive the programs

If you are registered with us directly, login and update your preferences to opt out of receiving the audio CD. You will still be able to access the interviews online.

If you haven't registered with us directly and don't have any login details, send us an email or write ‘return to sender' on the CD mailer when it arrives and we will remove you from the database.

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