Drivetime Radio Productions

For over three decades, DrivetimeRadio has produced broadcast-quality, cutting-edge interviews exclusively for healthcare professionals throughout Australia.

We understand the challenges practising physicians face in keeping up with the ever-increasing demands of their profession. That’s why we produce insightful discussions between our experienced medical broadcasters and influential opinion leaders, tailored for you in a convenient, on-demand format.

Each interview explores the latest clinical data and its implications for clinical practice. A voice you can trust, with all content structured, reviewed, and fully referenced.

All registered healthcare professionals can subscribe to our complimentary programs, to effortlessly stay up to date on the evolving landscape of healthcare news.

Our Programs

Each series provides specialised content tailored to the unique needs of general practitioners, specialists, and pharmacists.

Select your professional discipline to explore content specific to your needs. Interviews by healthcare professionals, for healthcare professionals.

Our Hosts

Meet our exceptional team of medical broadcasters: a group of accomplished, practising doctors with a wealth of expertise and experience.

With their deep understanding of the healthcare landscape, they skilfully moderate challenging discussions with thought leaders from Australia and across the globe…

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